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March 29, 2014


Palestine Herald-Press

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Dear East Texan: I’m writing to you from a chiropractor’s office. I’m here because I’ve been planting peas, beans, cucumbers, watermelons and cantaloupe seeds by hand, bending over for hours.

Now I can’t straighten up without great pain.

Isn’t there a better way to plant a family garden without hooking up the tractor and eight row planter?


Pained in Palestine


Dear PP:

This time of the year I hear from many gardeners, mostly small plot gardeners either with back pain or rejoicing that they are pain free at last. Members of the pain free gardeners club are using the single row walk behind planters available from various retailers.

These walk behind seed planters are best used on smooth, sandy soil. The device opens up a furrow, drops the seeds at the desired depth and distance between, then covers the seeds and lightly compacts the soil over the seed.

All the while the gardener is pushing the walk behind seed planter, it’s “arm” is scratching a line about 30” to the right where the next row of seeds should be planted. Anyone of almost any age can push this light weight device.

Voila! No more back pain and your garden seeds are planted in half the time.

Hurry and get those seeds and plants in the ground. The Weather Channel predicts 70 plus degrees for the next 10 days. Good gardening to all East Texans.