The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

May 24, 2014

Freedom isn't free

Palestine Herald-Press

PALESTINE — EDITOR’S NOTE: This column is being reprinted from the May 25, 2013, edition of the Herald Press.

My dad kept his car and pickup immaculately clean. He washed and waxed them with great regularity vacuuming the interior as frequently.

Very concerned with the inward and outward appearance of his vehicle, he was not a fan of bumper stickers. Nonetheless, later in his life, just a few years before his death, he placed a small bumper sticker on the rear bumper of his vehicle.

As I pulled into the driveway of his home and parked behind his vehicle, the garage door was up and I couldn’t help but notice the solitary bumper sticker newly applied to his automobile. As a veteran of World II he understood the depth and significance of its message: “Freedom Isn’t Free”.

Today on the Palestine Herald-Press web site we have a Memorial Day tribute titled “Freedom Isn’t Free.”  Dr. Halsey Settle, M.D. from Austin sent this photographic and musical slide show to me. Dr. Settle, known by family and friends as “Happy,” is a retired Navy Captain having served among other assignments as a physician on submarines.

Happy is also my brother-in-law and shares many patriotic emails with me. None have had more meaning for me personally than this most recent, “Freedom Isn’t Free.” I have elected to have it on our web site during the Memorial Day weekend because it is most appropriate for this national holiday and for one other important and personal reason.  

My dad served in World War II along with hundreds of thousands of other brave American men and women. He returned from the war alive unlike thousands, but seriously wounded as were many other of our fine American soldiers. From his injury, he bore many scars and suffered a leg amputation. Still, I never heard him complain.

I trust you, as well, understand and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy in America. More importantly, I hope you will be especially thankful this weekend for the sacrifices all our American soldiers have made and make every day to keep American free.

May God continue to bless America.