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June 8, 2013

COOKING WITH SIMON: Crispy, Crusted Almond Fried Chicken

PALESTINE — Hot sun and high temperatures usually mean lighter meals like fresh salads and finger foods. And when it comes to meat we know we should stick to the grilled chicken, but speaking of finger food – what about the occasional chicken fingers?

Sure it’s okay to indulge every so often, but don’t get the premade, pre-fried rubbery chicken fingers from the freezer section. Instead, make your own with a nice breading.

The breadcrumb mixture that I use is one that comes from my niece who lives in France. She uses leftover croissants for breadcrumbs combined with a handful of slivered almonds. This creates a soft, light crust that is very nice and not too heavy.

The last time I was there for a visit we used this breading recipe to make fried squash flowers stuffed with shrimp mousseline.

It’s a wonderful breading for whatever you might be frying. So if you’re going to indulge make it worth the calories. Make your own, and make it nice.


Almond-Crusted Chicken Fingers


3 large butter croissants

2 slices white bread

1/4 cup sliced almond

chicken breasts sliced into strips

1 cup flour seasoned with salt and pepper  

2 eggs, beaten


Pulse croissants and bread in food processor two to three seconds or until bread is finely chopped. Add almonds and pulse a couple of times just to coarsely chop. Dredge the sliced chicken in seasoned flour and shake off excess flour. One at a time dip chicken into beaten eggs and then coat with the homemade breadcrumbs. Heat cooking oil to 300 degrees and fry the chicken strips until crispy and light brown.


Simon Webster is the Executive Chef of Sabor a Pasion Country House & Bistro a multi-faceted dining destination just outside Palestine. For more information go to or call 903-729-9500.


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