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March 1, 2014


Editor's Note: The East Texan is a light-hearted advice column written with colloquial savoir faire. Need advice on life in our neck of the woods? Email

My children turn their noses up at traditional breakfast food. Cereal, bacon, sausage, eggs, toast, fruit bars. Nothing I offer them seems to encourage them to eat breakfast. What can I do?

— Breakfast Blues in Blackfoot

Here’s a couple of breakfast ideas your kids will gobble up faster than a flame can lick a log.  Using a fork, mash a peeled banana into a soft paste consistency then mix in a tablespoon of peanut butter.  Spread the concoction on a slice of bread and top with another piece if you desire. Better than PB&J, banana and peanut butter will start your young’uns  day off right.

If your offspring prefer something with a little more kick, prepare your favorite Texas Red recipe then come sunrise, heat up a cup of the Red in a skillet. Once the chili is piping hot, stir an egg into the chili. Cook for 45 seconds then apply the chili/scrambled egg combination between two pieces of sourdough bread (or light bread, if you must). You’ve got a breakfast fit for any young East Texan.


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