The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

August 9, 2008

Shop locally on tax-free weekend

<i>Published Sun., August 10, 2008</i>

Anderson County residents and others throughout the state get a break from state and local taxes next weekend with the arrival of the state’s annual tax holiday.

Beginning Friday and lasting through Sunday, Aug. 17, Texas shoppers will not have to pay tax on most clothing and footwear priced under $100. Backpacks commonly used by elementary and secondary students, dresses, caps and hats, baby clothes, and diapers are some of the other items exempted during the three-day holiday.

Also, layaway plans can be used again this year to take advantage of the sales tax holiday.

Although fuel prices have started to inch downward, they remain near all-time highs.

Based on this factor and many others, local residents should make every effort to “Shop Palestine First,” keeping their dollars in the local economy. A dollar spent locally will be respent multiple times, stimulating the local economy from several angles, most notably jobs and, in the case of every weekend besides the upcoming one, tax revenue.

In general, jobs and tax revenue can mean a higher quality of life for all residents in terms of public safety; increased services; and the like.

A person spending $300 on eligible clothing and other items during the upcoming tax free weekend will save roughly $24; someone spending $200 will save roughly $16; and a person spending $100 will save roughly $8.

Maybe not enough to open a fund for your child’s or grandchild’s college tuition, but every little bit helps, especially in today’s economy.

Here are a few possibilities for savings derived through Shop Palestine First:

• Money conserved on gasoline and associated expenses could be utilized to buy more clothes; have a nice dinner; go to a movie; or even put into savings.

• The two hours spent driving to and back from Tyler or some other city could be used to spend quality time with one’s family; start pecking away at that long list of “honey dos” which possibly have been waiting on your attention; or maybe even relax and watch some of the Summer Olympics on television or your personal favorite program.

Perhaps the kids could even use the saved time to tidy up their room or get organized for the Aug. 25 start of school.

Again, take advantage of the tax free weekend beginning Friday and Shop Palestine First.