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May 15, 2006

5-14 Apparently So parenting column by Craig Harris


That reminds me of the groom standing in front of the preacher with his bride-to-be by his side. He asks the preacher how much he should pay him for the wedding service. The preacher says, "Just pay me what you think she’s worth." The groom hands him a dollar, then the preacher lifts the woman’s veil and gives him fifty cents back.

Not moms — moms are simply worth whatever value we think our lives possess.

The thing that traps me every year, though, is that I have to get something for my wife. "You ain’t my mamma," I tell her. And every year she reminds me, "But, I’m your children’s mother and you’re getting me something on their behalf." She’s right; how could I put a price on the care she takes of my children? Not to mention, the running of our home (and buying my mother a Mother’s Day present!).

So what to get her? I’d get her a watch but there’s no need; there’s a clock on the stove. I’d get her shoes but we have perfectly good carpet in the house. No seriously, I’d get her a broom except I know she would beat me with it if I did.

I guess I’ll just use this space to tell my mom, grandmother and wife, "I love you and I thank you for all you do to make my life worth living. Thank you for the happy homes you provided for me and my children." Happy Mother’s Day.


The Rev. Craig Harris is pastor at Montalba Christian Church and is employed as the Parent Involvement Coordinator for Palestine Independent School District. Contact Harris at

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