The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas


June 5, 2006

Family keeps faith despite struggles


Palestine —

“My heart broke into a million pieces. After all we had struggled through the last couple of months, this was devastating. My husband had cancer at 38 years old,” Mandy Beamer said.

The news got worse when the doctor said Billy had stage III, possibly stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. They would have to run tests to determine exactly what kind of treatment he would need, but they were definitely looking at chemotherapy, Mandy Beamer said.

“The next few days were filled with calls and tears. Billy had a bone marrow biopsy on April 25 and that evening I spent crying. I cried through church, I cried most of the night. It seemed like the whole world was falling in on our heads,” Mandy Beamer said. “I could not understand why everything was going so wrong. I prayed that night for a long time and asked Jesus to help us; he knew our needs.”

The Sunday before the biopsy, the Beamer’s church family met without them in order to discuss helping the family with their home.

“Our church family at Walston Springs Baptist Church in Palestine consists of the most wonderful and thoughtful Christian people on earth. Every time we need them they are always there; Many of the ladies have offered to keep our boys whenever we need them. The men have offered to come and help us with the house and several have brought us food,” Mandy Beamer said.

The day after Billy’s bone marrow biopsy, two of the supervisors from his work, Palestine Concrete & Tile, came by the Beamer house and asked what they could do to help. They said they would bring a crew by on Saturday.

“We were so thankful for all the calls and prayers, but this was truly a gift of love. We really did not know what to expect and nothing could prepare us for what the next day would hold,” Mandy Beamer said. “The men arrived around nine Saturday morning with a crew, dump trucks and tools and started tearing down the walls. There were 12 men working. They tore down everything and then went to Lowe’s and bought a trailer full of building materials. The men worked all day,” she said.

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