The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

July 11, 2009

Thanks to great folks in Palestine

I have spent the better part of the last year living in Palestine for the purpose of valuing and preparing for sale the estate of one of your former residents. I arrived a stranger, but am leaving with regrets.

With very few exceptions, folks here have been overwhelmingly neighborly and helpful. Merchants, even when greeted with the information that I was not a potential customer but only trying to assess the real value of some antiques, went out of their way to assist, direct and educate me. The library not only issued me a temporary library card, but accepted me as a volunteer and included me in library functions, as did the Angel Food Ministry.

Neighbors of your former resident on ACR 367 have, on various occasions, fed me, gifted me with garden-fresh produce, dug my vehicle (and others) out of the mud, seen that I was safe and secure when the hurricane came through, and kept a lookout over the property when I had to be out of town.

Special thanks are due to Ed and Teletha Holcomb; Kurt and Shelly Bretey; Frank and Lilly Duncan (Duncan Depot Antiques); Carol A. Herrington (director) and her entire staff (City of Palestine Public Library); the proprietors of Silver Lady and Old Magnolia; the staff at McCoy’s Building Supply; and the staff of Herschel’s Family Restaurant.

To all the individuals who gave me directions, a coat hanger to get me into my locked vehicle (with the keys inside, of course), a free cup of coffee, or just a kind word and a smile, I say “Thank you!”

In short, if there are indeed “angels among us” to be “entertained unaware,” and any of them land in Palestine, Texas, I don’t think they’ll have any complaints for the Father.

With all warmth and gratitude.

Susan J. Fast
Wichita, Kan.