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September 10, 2009

Hoping for change in Palestine

As many are aware, the Palestine Young Professionals Network has begun a petition to ban smoking in public. As a registered nurse, a mother of four boys and a nonsmoker, I strongly support this ordinance. However, I think there are some misconceptions regarding this proposed ordinance. This ordinance will not deny anyone of their right to smoke. Smokers and vender's will continue to have their right to sell or consume tobacco products. What is does do, is give back the right for nonsmokers and their families to steer clear of cigarettes and their harmful effects. It is not illegal to buy or consume alcohol. However, it is illegal to consume alcohol and then drive because of the potential harm it may cause to others. Why has it be any different with tobacco products? Is second hand smoke not a real danger? This proposed ordinance is a win-win situation. Smokers get to keep their right to smoke on their property, their car and in their homes. Nonsmokers and their children will be given back their right to dine out in a hazzard-free environment. I would encourage our community members to attend the city council meeting on Sept. 14 at 5:30 p.m. to voice their opinions concerning the health and safety of community.

Hoping for a change in our community.

Jessi Jones


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