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November 26, 2008

Military insurance not accepted

Published Thur., Nov. 27, 2008

I am furious. A young military wife who lives here in Palestine was in need of medical attention the other day. She went to her physician here in town and was turned away because the “physician” did not accept military insurance. What a travesty!

Our fighting men are a volunteer group who protects this country 24-7, yet anyone has the audacity to turn down insurance provided by the government of our country for these same military men and their families. I have never seen anyone turn down a soldier’s protection of the USA. They fight and die for us every day in every God-forsaken place on this earth they are sent to serve.

Our protectors and their families deserve the very best care of every kind available, and shame on anyone of us lazy and ungrateful “Americans” who do not give them the best we have to offer, as we accept their sacrifices.

I did not write this letter in haste or without much forethought. I investigated, and was told government insurance was slow to pay, and many times did not pay in full for services rendered. Even so, to be turned away by a physician?

In closing, no American serviceman ever refuses to put his life on the line when asked. Then they return home, battered and beaten, mentally and physically, only to face something such as this, from an ungrateful nation.

God bless America.

Ruth Sowell Watlington


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