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Letters to the Editor

December 11, 2008

Responding to letter on election

I am writing in response to a letter by Terry Campbell, the “52-year-old white woman from the South” who worked hard to help elect Barack Obama.

First, her comments about the Iraq war and George W. Bush need a word or two. It needs to be said, Ms. Campbell, that Saddam Hussein desired the world to believe he had WMD. He gave the U.N. Inspectors a fit, remember? Our Intelligence Community, Secretary of State, Colin Powell, as well as a majority in Congress, including Sen. Hillary Clinton, believed he probably had WMD. And, may I add, we did find and destroy One Horrible WMD, Saddam himself. Remember, he and his two sons, and followers had killed and imprisoned thousands of Iraqi citizens!

Second, Ms. Campbell does not realize that it was not the Coalition Troops who “murdered thousands of Iraqis.” It was predominately Al-Qaeda insurgents from Iran.

Oh, by the way, to set the record straight, Osama Ben Laden, is not from Afghanistan; he is from Saudi Arabia. Hiding now in Afghanistan.

Again, Ms. Campbell is wrong about William Ayers. He is quite close to President-Elect Obama. He was one of many mentors in the Democratic Party Machine in Chicago who molded Obama’s political views. Oh, yes, I haven’t heard Rev. Jeremiah Wright recant any of his anti “rich white America” rhetoric either? Have you?

In conclusion, I wish to address the issue of Barack and Michelle Obama’s Christianity. Interestingly, the South, from which Ms. Campbell comes, voted solidly against her candidate. This is the same South that is called the “Bible Belt.” In-other-words, most Christians in the South, of which I am part, did not care for Barack Obama’s brand of Christianity? Why? Because it is clearly against what the Bible teaches. God thinks abortion is wrong. Why? Because human life begins at conception. God says homosexuality is very sinful behavior. And, the Bible teaches that sex between a man and a woman is to be only within the confines of marriage.

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