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December 11, 2008

We’re living beyond our means

A few thoughts about a big three bailout and union activity in general.

I have not always been anti-union but things changed greatly after I was first employed.

My first job in 1941 paid .10 cents per hour for a 60 hour work week. Yes, you read that right. I worked 60 hours for a salary of $6.

That was a time when union was needed. Well what happened?

In 20 years or so the unions were becoming too powerful. My salary per hour with 20 years experience was about $3 per hour, but union labor in large industries was about three times that. People kept voting union, hearing promises of more money. Then when we reached the ‘70s and millions of Baby Boomers reached college age the unions’ support was even greater.

Being an employee, not an employer, I could still see that things weren’t right. When I made the comment that wages in the U.S. were getting too high I would receive looks like, “This guy has a loose screw or something!”

Well people, and maybe some of you, still felt strongly for union support. Eventually our labor became too high for world markets. Does anyone believe that this has anything to do with Industry going overseas?

I am saying that with the hold union labor has over the auto industry their hands are tied and would not support a bailout and will not support union control of that industry.

We in the U.S. have a big problem and this is living beyond our means. Let me close with words of wisdom. “When your Outgo exceeds your Income then your Upkeep becomes your Downfall.” Think about it folks.

This applies to government as well as individuals!

Ted Missildine


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