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Letters to the Editor

March 5, 2009

What’s in store for America?

Last week Gov. Rick Perry proclaimed Texas wasn’t going to take any of the stimulus package. This week the Texas Department of Transportation announced it has stimulus money for highway projects. Is it that you can take bits and pieces of the stimulus package without taking all that is offered? Myself I wouldn’t take a dime from the government due to the strings that are attached. The trillion dollars that Obama and the Democrats are spending will only throw our grandchildren into debt for many years to come, in fact our great-grand children will be in debt before birth as well. Remember the strings I talked about, well your Social Security number on your driver’s license is the results of the federal department of transportation and money gave to the states. It’s a way for the government to help ID you. There are those among the nations’ population who think the government should take care of us from the cradle to the grave as is done in France, Sweden and some other European countries. But the truth is France and the other Socialist countries are broke. There are those among us who think they are entitled because of their race. But the fact is if one likes being able to be his or her own boss and being able to decide on their on direction in their life then Socialism is the wrong way for this nation to go. And friends that is the direction we travel in under the current administration, the Congress and the Senate. When Bush passed out his stimulus package I didn’t take it and will not if and when Obama does the same. But rather than stimulus for the population I fear we all are about to find out just how wealthy we really are when the tax bills come due in the future. Obama has nationalized some of the nation’s banks.  Socialism means the avocation of ownership of everything by everybody. But try going to one of the citizen owned banks and get any amount of money you want, you can’t. The next step is demand, demanding ownership of everything by everybody. That’s Communism. Is that what is in store for America? One thing I do know and that is that these times are looking more and more like an early start to a bad depression. 

Kenneth L. Guthrie


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