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March 5, 2009

Exercise plan was good idea

I am writing in regards to the exercise plan that Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor was trying to implement. I was disappointed it didn’t pass the commissioners’ court. Exercise is one of the best and cheapest medicines known to man because it is cheaper to “stay” well than it is to “get” well. Exercise raises a person to a higher level both mentally and physically. You have a better attitude because you feel better about yourself. A difference can be seen.

I think our honorable sheriff should be applauded for stepping forward, showing needed leadership and putting the program together. He’s leading the way and it would be such a positive, I feel other departments would find a way to do the same thing. Someone has to be first. I admire good leaders and they are always in demand.

I ask you to please think about your decision and just maybe you could reinstate the plan on the agenda for another vote in the future. A difference will be seen in his employees if they use the equipment faithfully and fairly regularly. Most people who exercise live a long time but die “young.” Remember a pound of fat equals 3,500 calories stored. Any doctor will tell us that a proper functioning body will resist disease. Your body and mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

I speak from experience. I’ve exercised faithfully all my life-having jogged over 25,000 miles and am still walking at least two miles daily four to five times weekly. My doctor says I’ll make 90 if an 18-wheeler doesn’t run over me. I’ll be 82 in August, staying busy just trying to make a difference.

Melvin Elrod

Brushy Creek

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