The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

March 5, 2009

Wake up before it's too late

As a prior two-term Anderson County Judge and a three-term mayor of Palestine, I feel a moral obligation to alert our citizens to a coming tragedy with the availability to procure food. This coming year it is of the most important imperative that all able citizens should immediately plant a garden for food production for their family as was done in World War II with the victory gardens.

Without a doubt, President Obama and his democratic demigods are hell-bent on destroying America’s economy including the trucking business that stocks grocery stores’ shelves. The whole free-enterprise system that has made America the envy of the world for 200 plus years is about to be no more.

The Lord Jehovah with His sanctity of life—(over 5,900,000 abortions have been performed since the right to life was amended); the homosexual life style, a felony when I was growing up, is now celebrated—even in churches—as normal. No wonder the Lord God no longer has America under His wing of protection.

America, wake up. Maybe it’s not too late!

Jack Rogers

County Judge

1985-1989; 1995-1998

Mayor of Palestine

1971-1973; 1975-1978