The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

March 27, 2009

Animal dumping is cruel

Saturday evening shortly after dark my wife and I were returning home when we saw a vehicle slow down right in front of our house and dump out a small dog.

It then sped off and the dog in it’s confusion darted back and forth across the road twice before going into the woods.

I continued on home naturally wondering how the dog would survive. Evidently, it saw my truck and followed it.

We had company coming over and one of my grandsons asked where I had gotten the dog they found asleep on my patio.

To make a long story short, my granddaughter and her husband took our dumped puppy home and what a delight she has turned out to be. She is about a four month old mixed breed puppy. She is gentle as a kitten; well behaved, well mannered, a joy to have around. Why would some hard-hearted scum dump a sweet puppy like this? Well, rest assured she has gone to a very good home. They have three children and she is already deep in their hearts.

The purpose of this is to highlight the tragedy of animal dumping. I wonder how whoever dumped her would like to be put out on a dark road at night without food or water.

The Humane Society would gladly have taken her to prevent this type of thing happening. That’s one of the reasons they are there.

And to end this, I must tell you what she has been named.

“Little Orphan Annie.”

Ed Rinehart