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April 28, 2009

Letters to the Editor for April 29

I wonder if there is a job description for mayor? Is the mayor a representative of the people, a governor, not only of the wealthy, educated and prosperous, the high social strata, but also of the struggling poor, uneducated, destitute and the upper and middle class of workers and plodders?

I began to champion Carolyn Salter primarily because of her female gender and my opinion that the more women participate and take responsibility in government that the better both the economy and the morals of this country will be. I now recognize and appreciate her professional educational accomplishments, her proven ability to conduct the city council meetings and mayoral duties, her dedication and sacrifice of much of her personal and occupational time for the welfare and advancement of the citizens of this city and county. I believe she has earned our respect and the privilege of being an executive participant in the progress Palestine is expected to achieve during a third term as mayor.

Helen Stevens



No help to 4-Hers and FFA

Why can’t Elkhart support their 4-H and FFA students? While watching the Anderson County Livestock Show premier auction Thursday night. Almost all of Elkhart 4-Her’s and FFA animal projects were bought by Slocum Youth Supporters. If the Slocum community can raise funds for their kids and Elkhart, why can’t Elkhart do the same or join forces with Slocum and have a bigger resource for the 4-H and FFA.

Elkhart wants a new school built, For The Kids, yet they can’t support their 4-Her and FFA kids in their project. These are the kids that need their support, to help build a better community, and school.

God bless Slocum for the work that they do on behalf of all 4-H and FFA students. And, yes, I did support the 4-H kids at the sale.

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