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April 28, 2009

Letters to the Editor for April 29


Lets do better next year.

Jessie Ashley


This letter is in reference the letter of Ann Myers of Friday, April 17 entitled “Our president is immature.”

Ms. Myers only hinted at the depth of President Obama’s immaturity when compared to the statesmanlike behavior displayed by Dubya. President Obama did not sidle up to a foreign head of state and start to give her a shoulder rub in front of the world. President Obama did not chow down and then spray the area with tidbits while conversing with another nation’s leader.  And the president did not spit a wad of gum into his hand just before starting a speech. I guess President Obama did not get the same education in etiquette that George W. did in the frat house.

Ms. Myers is also correct that the president did admit the U.S. has been arrogant. He even claimed that, in order to lead, we had to listen to our friends and allies. And, yes, he did say that while the country has a lot of Christians -– some of them even charitable -- Christianity is not the official state religion. The last part is true. You could look it up.

John E. Marke


The Board of Directors of the PEDC has reviewed the proposed PISD bond election and believes that the economic impact from the bond election would be positive for Palestine. The $64 million in construction costs will benefit everyone. This type of expansion will help fuel our local economy by increasing spending in our stores for goods and services and increase employment. It has been shown that for every dollar spent on a bond of this sort that the community will see that dollar turn up to 10 times! Many of the proposed improvements will attract regional events in Palestine that will bring in additional dollars to our local businesses.

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