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May 14, 2009

Thanks to all who worked to pass bond

Published Thur., May 14, 2009

On behalf of the students, employees, board of trustees, and PAC (Political Action Committee), allow me to extend our gratitude to the voters who took the time to vote in the past bond proposal. It is a great vote of confidence from the voters to pass a school bond and we will all do our best to not let you down.

I want to thank each person who worked on the bond campaign because it took many to get this bond passed. It started with those of you who volunteered to work on the facilities committee and then agreed to continue working by serving on the PAC committee. People from all over this great city worked tirelessly on this campaign and those efforts paid off. Individuals on the PAC spent much time away from their families, meeting and planning the best way to get the message out to the public. Sub committees were formed to ensure that every voter was given correct information about the bond when they went to the polls. As this process continued we had many in the community that heard about the PAC committee and asked if they could help serve. This is a true testimony to this community and illustrates we have people who want to be involved in our schools.

Thanks go to Gary Connor and Paul Stone from the Palestine Herald Press for coverage of the bond, for keeping the public informed about the bond, and for agreeing to facilitate the interviews, both in the paper and on television. Not only was there local coverage in the paper, but also on the airwaves by way of KYYK. We wish to thank Lee Parkinson, Gary Richards, and the entire KYYK family for their support and efforts in getting information out to the public.

We also want to extend our gratitude to the PISD board of trustees for voting unanimously to move forward with this bond package. This, too, was a vote of confidence considering PISD had not passed a school bond issue since 1988.

As a community, you have sent a message to the students of Palestine that they are important. The community has invested their votes and tax dollars in a better tomorrow for our students. The future of this community and country lies with our youth and individuals who voted this past week made a great investment.

Thomas A. Wallis, Ed.D.


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