The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

May 22, 2009

Palestine lucky to have Dr. Puvvada

Published Fri., May 22, 2009

On Dec. 25, 2007 I went to the emergency room in Palestine. The ER personnel got me in immediately and called Dr. Nandan Puvvada. The next day, Dr. Puvvada removed my gallbladder. As I stayed in the hospital the staff remained professional and helpful. Dr. Puvvada followed up with the healing process thoroughly.

At a routine visit to my doctor in Tyler, he found a lump in my throat. That doctor sent me to another doctor whom sent me to yet another doctor. I spent about three months doing test after test in Tyler. It was found to be a benign thyroid tumor. We where told that there was no rush to get it removed. We returned home with a bad feeling. We wanted a second opinion. My husband and I decided to go back to Dr. Puvvada. 

 At the appointment with Dr. Puvvada he asked a lot of questions and answered a lot of questions. He then looked my husband straight in the eyes and said “I feel very comfortable doing the surgery”. In June 2008 Dr. Puvvada did the surgery in Palestine. He sent the tumors off to be analyzed. The pathology results found that it was papillary cancer. Dr. Puvvada continued to reassure us that it was very curable and I would be OK. Next thing he needed to do was remove the remaining part of the thyroid. This would prevent any other thyroid cancer from growing back. In July he removed the rest of the thyroid. As the follow up appointments continued, so did the news. The second part of the thyroid already had cancer growing on it. The hospital staff was great during my stay. Job well done. Palestine Regional Medical Center and general population of Palestine should be grateful to have such a excellent talented doctor that has moved into our area.

 Dr. Puvvada continues to treat me for my medical needs today. He has followed through with the thyroid cancer treatment process which continues to be a work in progress. Along with the guys that work in nuclear medicine at the hospital. Danny and Jimmy, thank you! There are not enough words to say “thank you.” Dr. Puvvada’s professionalism, integrity, and enthusiasm are just a few characteristics that make him shine. He is always knowledgeable about me as his patient when I visit his office. He is a surgeon with remarkable accomplishments. He has a gift and uses it well. Thank you Dr. Puvvada for the work you do.

Ann Franklin