The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

May 23, 2009

Candidate explains decision to supporters, city voters

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a letter submitted to the Herald-Press by Dan Bochsler:

To be “fit for its future,” a successful city embraces and moves forward with changes. Recently, several positive votes for change occurred in Palestine. Like in life, nothing ever stops changing, and things do “happen for a reason.”

Our city is reawakening itself to the potential for economic and community success. This requires teamwork — a word that is easy to say, but harder to truly do. Putting back the “public” in public service is essential to move toward a professional, balanced, mature city government approach — an attitude that takes care of basics, letting the energy, curiosity and ideas of the people do the rest.

“It’s about Palestine” is my campaign theme for many reasons. One is about teamwork favoring what’s best for the city. Along with my global business experience, being qualified to teach various subjects in elementary school through graduate school has presented new opportunities. One of these opportunities is compelling me to pass up my personal interest in being a political leader in Palestine, for the best interests of my family and the city. I have recently been presented the opportunity to become a full-time college professor in the fall. However, it will require me to be absent about four days per week. While still continuing to be active in our community with economic, business and church, this situation does not leave enough time to properly serve the citizens of Palestine should I be elected mayor.

Therefore, I’m announcing today my support in the runoff election for Bob Herrington. Bob will serve the community well as mayor and we must all work together with open discussion, decisions and a service-oriented approach to city government. Bob and I have worked together before in various situations, and I look forward to working with him and all of you to continue the momentum of growing a successful economic, educational and family future here.

My decision was not an easy one, nor was it expected. It should be seen as a true demonstration of service above self — what is best for the city. With the economy as it is, opportunities happen fast, unexpectedly, and we have to respond quickly. For me, choices have come up and I’ve had to choose. There is no mystery here, no intrigue. It was not planned when I announced, and should not be implied any other way.

I want to genuinely thank all my supporters and everyone for staying involved and realizing that Palestine is worth it. I will be here, and will be involved along with all of you. Let’s continue our work together for a bright future in our community. Thank you.

Dan Bochsler