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June 2, 2007

Valedictorian urges class to keep memories

PALESTINE — Memories.

These are the things that Westwood valedictorian Hailey Bunnell told the seniors of 2007 they should cherish during the Westwood High School graduation ceremony Friday night at Panther Stadium.

“A couple of months ago, I was just ready to get out of school and forget all about Westwood,” Bunnell said. “But then I heard something from a really great coach that said instead of looking to the future, you should also look to your past.”

Bunnell, speaking to the 112 graduates, talked about how they all made a difference in her high school memories.

“I’ve looked back on my years at Westwood and realized that everyone of you contributed to my life,” she told the seniors. “If we always forgot about the past, life would be dull and we would never learn about life’s lessons.”

The valedictorian went on to speak of old memories and lessons from friends, including a sixth-grade incident in which John Welch experimented with scissors resulting in a cut tongue.

“He wasn’t quite as skilled in his hand-eye coordination as he thought,” Bunnell said.

Bunnell said she learned three years later that “if you act like freshman, you’ll be treated like freshman.

“I quickly learned that if you pick a fight with a senior, the senior will always win,” she said.

Bunnell also told of her and other’s experiences with an English teacher.

“Miss Ivy taught us that we needed to understand the true definition of plagiarism before we started an essay,” Bunnell said. “I think we all learned never to copy and paste again when writing something.”

Bunnell also touched on the meaning of senioritis.

“I think we’ve learned that there is no cure for senioritis and that it’s contagious to only the graduating class, but miraculously seems to disappear about 30 minutes after the graduation ceremony,” Bunnell said. “Some of the symptoms include tardiness, not paying attention, half or not done homework and arguing with teachers.”

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