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August 2, 2008

Bill & Star: ‘Greatest American Dog’ on CBS moves to Wednesdays

Here’s a roundup of Wednesday’s episode of “Greatest American Dog “reality show on CBS, which features Bill McFarlin and Star from Flint:

During the Dog Bone Challenge owners must say whether their dogs will take or leave various items such as steak, tofu and sticks. Some are shocked to find out they don't know their dogs as well as they think they do.

J.D. and Galaxy were the winners of the challenge and get to spend a week in the Dog Bone Room. J.D. sends Travis and Presley to the Dog House.

While taking a dip in the pool, Tillman displays his very special technique of water conservation.

Each dog/owner team spends time with a famous doggie photographer to come up with a shot that expresses a certain emotion or trait. Bill laments over how to get Star to appear to be "stubborn."

He claimed to not have a creative bone in his body, in fact there's not a creative gene in his whole family, they've never even had a box of crayons in the house. In the end it was Star's stubbornness not to give up that was a great picture.

The judges chastise Ron for being lazy in his efforts to get a shot of Tillman being "lazy" and to everyone's dismay sent them home.

J.D. and Galaxy top of their day off by winning the photo challenge with their "sneaky" shot.

“Greatest American Dog” now airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on CBS.

Older episodes can be watched on the CBS Web site.


Information provided by Pam Smith of Palestine.


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