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August 17, 2008

Bill & Star: ‘Greatest American Dog’ airs on Wednesdays on CBS

Here’s a roundup of Wednesday’s episode of “Greatest American Dog “reality show on CBS, which features Bill McFarlin and Star from Flint:

This week’s Dog Bone Challenge is intelligence. The dogs have to find their way around a three-wall structure to a plate of food they can see and smell through a narrow opening in the wall. The dog with the quickest time wins. The owners can use two commands : "go find it" and "go get it." Andrew won’t even leave Laurie’s side for the tasty plate of chicken and bacon. Other times range from 15.25 seconds to 2 minutes and 53 seconds. That is until Bill and Star win the challenge with a time of 8.34 seconds. Star really likes her chicken! Bill steps up as a Texas gentleman and repays Teresa’s generosity from last week by handing over the key to the Dog Bone Suite along with a "leg up" in the Best in Show Challenge.

The Best in Show Challenge this week is called "Salvador Doggy" where the pairs create a painting that shows the bond between dog and owner. The twist is, the dog is to be the only one painting with doggy friendly, non toxic paint. Teresa’s "leg up" is a Dog Art Instructor. Owners use everything from stencils and sponges strapped dogs backs and feet to putting peanut butter on a paint roller and having the dog lick it’s way across the canvas. The bottom three paintings were Laura and Preston’s, JD and Galaxy’s and Laurie and Andrew. Laurie and Laura are told they didn’t put enough into the painting and JD is accused of trying to pass a mistake off intentional (he made and attached stamps with words on to Galaxy’s back and had her roll on to the canvas, but the words were backwards.) After a bit of drama between Laura and Beth Joy, Laura and Preston are sent home. The Best in Show goes to Teresa and Leroy and their "Learning" theme, with Teresa saying that Leroy has learned from her and she has learned from Leroy.

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