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January 22, 2014

Chamber hears memory talk at quarterly luncheon


According to venture capitalist Harvey MacKay, knowing something about your customer is just as important as knowing everything about your product.

Direct Development Training instructor Hannah Krause of the Houston area told at least 100 people how important it was to their business to learn “Mastering Your Memory” skills during an interactive self improvement program at the Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce's Quarterly Luncheon Tuesday at the Ben E. Keith Community Room.

According to Krause, improving your memory skills can lead to making more money and reducing stress.

Krause recommended the audience read — if they haven't already — Dale Carnegie's book “How to Win Friends and Influence People.”

Making a bond with a potential client or associate can go smoother if business person makes a point of learning each person's name.

“Usually you shake hands and exchange names and a second later you let go of their name — it flies over your head and drops to the floor. It makes you feel terrible,” Klause said. “The trick is to listen to the name, clear your mind and really listen. Then repeat the name back to them at least two to three times. If so, you will have an 85 percent chance of remembering their name.”

Krause demonstrated to the audience how you could repeat their name numerous times without it being too noticeable.

Because many businesses are very competitive, how can a business be picked over another?

“The reason why is because people like you. If you are not liked, are people going to do business with you?” Krause said.

In her colleague Craig A. Krause's upcoming book, he says that people will find a way to do business with you if they like you.

In scenario where you see your potential client in the local grocery store and can't remember their name, do you avoid them or greet them?

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