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January 22, 2014

Chamber hears memory talk at quarterly luncheon



“When you can't remember their name, that tells them they are forgettable, not important to you, possibly just a paycheck,” Krause said. “It may affect your potential business with them or the potential of referrals.”

Plus, not remembering their name means you are concentrating on pulling their name from your head instead of concentrating on what they are saying.

“Believe it or not, your memory is perfect, unless you have had a medical condition or an accident,” Krause said.

Six hours after your meeting, for example, the name suddenly comes to you, generally, Krause said.

“It shows it's not a memory problem, it's a recall problem,” Krause said.

The program included a memory demonstration where those in attendance played an interactive memory game to discover what can be accomplished with the new skill of “mastering your memory.” The methods demonstrated were brought down to specific and applicable usages of having a trained memory: increased sales, more confidence and competitive advantage.

The audience was asked to help Krause compile a list of 20 regular items such as computer, business cards, phone, glasses, coffee, printer, etc. Then she asked the audience to memorize the list — in order. No one in the audience was able to call out the list by memory, except for Krause.

Krause explained that Direct Development Training's five-hour workshop “Mastering Your Memory” can accomplish this task. An upcoming workshop is planned in Palestine but not date has yet to be set. The special price is $199 per person and $99 for an additional family member. The regular price of the workshop is $399 with $199 for an additional family member.

Krause said those who attend the five-hour workshops will be able to recall a list of 50 items of their choice by the end of the workshop. To take part in the Palestine workshop, call the Chamber at 903-729-6066.

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