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June 13, 2014

'Teach by example': Goodman advises Chamber on building work, family relations


“Teach by example, not by word,” was one of many points driven home by motivational speaker Judy Goodman during a Palestine Area Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Thursday.

The certified professional coach, relationship counselor and addiction recovery expert spent the first 15 minutes of her talk walking between the tables at the Ben E. Keith Community Room getting to know attendants. Goodman — who never uses notes and said she rarely knows what she's going to talk about before a speech — asked those present about themselves, their names and what they did within the community.

This was in order to get to know who she was interacting with, she said. From there, after “reading the group,” she can take her speech any direction she likes — as with any organic conversation.

Introducing herself as a speaker, mother and grandmother — or “Mee Mee” more accurately — Goodman said she travels all over the world to help people, such as the heads of Fortune 500 companies.

“I work to re-empower the people that are there, that are doing the work,” she said, “and there's an interesting phenomena occurring right now that our leaders have learned, that we need to fix what's wrong at the top if we're ever going to be successful anywhere else.”

Goodman referenced a movement in which “they are talking about what hurts, what’s wrong, why they have suddenly gone off track.

“Because you know, if they're not functioning at their best, we aren’t functioning at our best, and there is a reinvestment into the community now in that we are looking at making our people better.”

Goodman said for the most part, people know how to function in the work facility.

“What we don't know is why they hurt and what's wrong and what's going on in their home when they go back, or whether or not they had been abused as a child.”

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