The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

January 25, 2014

Sheriff warns of 'jury duty' telephone scam

Palestine Herald-Press


Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor has issued a warning regarding the latest scam to hit Anderson County residents.

The scam involves a caller claiming that the resident has missed jury duty and, unless they wire a specified amount of money (a fine) immediately, then will be arrested by sheriff deputies.

“The caller doesn't specify what county he is calling for,” Taylor said. “I want people to be aware that is not us. We do not pursue jury duty violations in that way.”

The sheriff reported that one resident was almost victimized by the scam, until their spouse told them to call and contact the ACSO first.

“We have traced the phone number of the scammer to a 'throw-away' cell phone in Louisiana, and we think they have moved on to Georgia,” Taylor said. “I do not want people to get scammed.”

To report a telephone or other scam, call the Anderson County Sheriff's Office at 903-729-6068.