The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

February 23, 2013

Sheriff joins fellow officers in Austin Tuesday

Palestine Herald-Press

PALESTINE — Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor was one of more than 150 sheriffs and other law enforcement officers from around the state that visited the 83rd Texas Legislature this week in Austin.

The Legislative Committee and staff of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas coordinated this special event Tuesday to the Texas State Capitol to facilitate the sheriffs’ involvement in the legislative process. Taylor is a member of the board of directors for the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas as well as a Legislative Committee member.

“Every year the legislature is in session, they put out a call for the sheriffs to come and participate in a day at the Capitol. They recognized us on the floor of the Senate and then we were able to go talk individually to legislators to try to voice our concerns or express our support or non-support of bills that affect criminal justice,” Taylor told the Herald-Press Friday.

Resolutions were passed in both the House and Senate recognizing the sheriffs and the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas.

“I believe we have a positive impact. Sheriffs are recognized by the legislature as the chief law enforcement officers in their county so they listen to our needs,” Taylor said. “As part of the Legislative Committee, we meet to discuss bills that are coming up or discuss bills that we want to push forward or work toward finding legislators that are willing to carry our voices into a bill. It’s a very interesting and worthwhile process to be involved in the legislative process.”

Founded in 1874, the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas is a non-profit professional and educational organization dedicated to the preservation of peace and the protection of the lives and property of the citizens of Texas. The Legislative Committee is appointed by the president of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas and is composed of sheriffs from around the state.