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February 18, 2014

Janice Staples announces run for reelection to district clerk spot



“You can't function in an office without cross-training. I have two ladies that can handle child support, three ladies bookkeeping, two criminal, four that can do civil,” Staples explained. “Everybody's cross-trained.”

The office was thrown a few glitches, however, when software problems caused the county to experience technical difficulties – and delays. This resulted in the removal of a public computer used for looking up files.

“And I was really frustrated about that because it's really out of our hands. It's all to do with the software. We got that new software in 2010, and it has been a nightmare,” Staples said. “We couldn’t get reports to work, we couldn’t get the images, half of it was gone.”

On top of this, “expunged” documents were still showing in the system.

“Once a record is expunged, it's not supposed to be viewable at all,” she explained. “When you put that public view station up there, they have access to the sheriffs office, their stuff. It had been deleted from the district clerk's portion of it, but the sheriff's portion was still showing it. We pulled it, because that's against the law.”

Therefore, Staples said the “biggest thing” she's looking to do in the office is to get everything electronically sorted out and updated.

“It's up to the software department, the software company,” she said. “The hope is that we can someday soon, that the software company will get the software fixed so we can have a view station that would save us a lot of time and the public a lot of time. It's not fun for us to have to go pull a file.”

As for next term, Staples said she felt most qualified for the job and was committed to giving her best to the citizens of Anderson County.

“All you can do is the best you can do,” she said, noting her commitment to faith and adding that she hoped people would turn out to vote.

“That's a God-given right. And I think Christian people ought to be involved so that we can make a difference spiritually.”

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