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April 4, 2014

THE DOG AND THE OLD MAN serial story: Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Trick or treat?

I saw birds above soaring in the sky. I envied the birds — they could see all and used no effort to go from one place to another — using the wind to sail their feathers to new and exciting worlds. They seemed to have no ties, no fences, and are able to move to trees and green pastures. Groups of bird flock near the pond two pastures away. They play, run and eat — all the time making noise that keeps me from my nap.

The trees in my pasture were dying. The birds did not use my trees for singing — there were no leaves on the large trees. Some of the limbs had fallen making a maze for me to wander through.

It was now approaching the middle of the day. For a moment, I heard a distant rumble. At first I thought it was thunder, but this rumble was getting closer — and louder. Bang! Clang! Boom! Bump!

When there is a storm there is always a gust of wind that brings in the dust and clears the air for moments before. But what kind of storm is this?”

The truck had returned and the tall guy with that weird hat was driving. He had a big chew of tobacco in his jaw, spitting it out the window. He drew another bead on the drive to the gate.

I sprang to my feet, running to my best hiding place. He bounced out of the truck before it had stopped rolling, stumbling around to find his balance. He muttered some words about being old and broken. His step was much quicker now than before. The gate swung open with one big push from his hand. I saw his hands were big and some of the fingers were not straight. His nails were short with some dirt under them. I watched as he walked back to the truck, pulling a bag out of the back.

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