The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

March 13, 2013

Woman arrested for using drugs around a child

Palestine Herald-Press

PALESTINE — A 60-year-old Palestine woman was arrested for abandon/endanger of a child and drug  charges around 1 p.m. Tuesday as Anderson County Sheriff’s Office deputies worked on a lead about possible narcotics usage and prostitution at the residence.

ACSO Deputy Jeff Taylor and Sgt. Brian Chason traveled to the 4500 block of West Oak Street to check on the lead where there was allegedly a small child present at the residence.

The homeowner Alta Louise Lee answered the door and consented to a search of the residence after the deputies explained why they were there.

“They did find a small amount of methamphetamine in a clear plastic baggie in the top dresser drawer. The drawer was near the child’s bed. She admitted that she had smoked the meth the night before while the child was in the house,” Anderson County Sheriff Greg Taylor said. “It’s a ridiculous situation for a child to be exposed to that.”

The 1-year-old child was the granddaughter of Lee, who was arrested on the scene for abandon/endanger of a child charges and possession of a controlled substance-PG1 (less than 1 gram). Child Protective Services took charge of the child.

“A pipe used to smoke meth was located in the bedroom as well. It’s a sad deal when adults put children in those situations,” Taylor said. “We have had small children before who have gotten inquisitive and got into (the drugs) and met a bad fate. She (Lee) needs to be locked up for that.”

Following up leads led the deputies to the arrest.

“The possibility of prostitution going on there is still good based on the conversation but we did not find any ongoing at that time  there,” Taylor said.

Taylor encouraged the public to report when they see something out of the ordinary especially if it relates to drug dealing or usage and/or prostitution.

“Don’t be afraid to call. They can call Crime Stoppers or call the Sheriff’s Office and leave a tip,” Taylor said. “We will check it out or the police department will if it’s in the city. We need all of the eyes we can get — there are not enough of us.”