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January 26, 2013

Breaking the cycle: SIXERinc program offers sports, future to area teens



To Cary, SIXERinc isn’t about basketball. Yes, the basketball team is the basis of the whole program, but that’s not what the program is about.

That’s why he doesn’t stress winning or losing to his team.

“It’s more than basketball and I tell the kids that I don’t care if we win or lose, I just want their best effort,” he said. “I’m more mad if we win by 30 points and didn’t play well (instead of losing).

“That translates into life. If you don’t give your best effort, then you don’t have a chance to be successful.”

By getting through to the program’s participants while they’re still young, Cary said he believes that gives them the best chance to be successful.

Adults can be stubborn when it comes to change, he said, but kids are more receptive.

“As adults I don’t know how much we can change, but with those teenagers, this is the formative years,” he said.

Parents or kids interested in participating, volunteering, and/or getting information about SIXERinc can reach the organization via its Facebook page or by phone at 832-524-4948.

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