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January 3, 2012

First baby of the new year: Neches family welcomes son at PRMC

PALESTINE — After experiencing hours of labor in delivering her first two children, Audrea Williams and her husband Adam were surprised that their baby boy would be so ready to enter the world that he arrived after only 80 minutes of labor — making Josiah Thomas Williams the 2012 New Year’s Baby of Anderson County.

Full-term, Audrea, 25, and Adam, 28, were spending a quiet New Year’s Eve together with their children at home in Neches. In fact, her doctor had planned to induce her labor on Thursday.

But nature had another plan. At 10:55 p.m., Audrea had a cramp but it went away. She fell asleep on the couch, dreaming that her water broke.

“At 12:45 a.m., I woke up to get off the couch and my water broke,” Audrea said while holding her newborn son surrounded by family members Sunday afternoon at Palestine Regional Medical Center.

Audrea woke her husband up to tell him she was in labor. He jumped up to get their young daughters, Hannah Marie, 3, and Zoey, 14 1/2 months, ready for their trip to the hospital.

They got in the car pretty fast but had to stop for gas on the way. By this time, Audrea’s contractions had started and were back-to-back making her pretty miserable. Audrea said when she first got in the car she wanted her husband to drive the speed limit but toward the end of their trip, she would have been OK with a police escort if necessary to get there faster.

“He pulled up at the hospital and let me out at the ER, where they wheeled me up in a wheelchair,” Audrea said.

Her husband left to park the car and get their daughters situated, calling family members to tell them his wife was in labor.

By the time she made it to the labor and delivery room, Audrea was dilated to a 7. When her husband returned to be with her, she was dilated to an 8.

“I was having contractions after contractions and kept asking for pain medicines and the epidural,” Audrea said, noting she delivered her son natural with no pain medications due to the fast delivery. “I said some very bad things during that time that I did not mean.”

By 2:05 a.m., Josiah Thomas Williams was born — weighing a whopping 9.3 pounds and measuring 20 inches long. Dr. Charles Bennett, M.D. was the obstetrician.

“Josiah never gave me time to wrap my head around being in labor — only a hour and 20 minutes and he was here,” Audrea said.

Her labor with Hannah lasted nine hours after her water broke and she had an epidural. With Zoey, she was induced and the labor was 12 hours but with pain medicine, she felt in control. With Josiah, it was a fast and furious delivery.

Family members who were expecting a long labor were surprised to learn that Josiah arrived so fast. Some family members thought  Adam was joking when he called to inform them of his son’s arrival.

“My brother thought I was playing a joke on him,” Adam said.

They were also surprised that the baby was so big.

“I was expecting a smaller baby that was around 7 pounds. He has a 14-inch head, both girls had 12-inch heads,” Audrea said.

Extended family members include paternal grandparents Linda and Tony Williams of Palestine, maternal grandparents Terry Tatum and Sabra Curry, both of Palestine; and maternal great-grandparents, Bill and Audrey Tatum of Palestine.

The last baby of 2011 was born at 7:25 p.m. on New Year’s Eve.

Josiah Thomas Williams was the first baby to be born in 2012 in Anderson County at Palestine Regional Medical Center.

As customary, the first baby of the new year is showered with gifts from local merchants and presented by the hospital staff.

Gifts included: a crib complete with mattress and bedding from Walmart; a $200 gift card from Brookshire’s; a gift set from Charles E. Dickens Fine Jewelry & Gifts; a blanket from the Co-Ed Shop; a gift certificate from Eilenberger’s Bakery; baby items from Home Town Pharmacy; a gift certificate from Island Tans; a photography gift certificate from Lee Loveless Photography; a gift certificate from Little Mexico; a blanket and book from O’Sweet Pea; a gift certificate from Petal’s Florist & General Store; a photography gift certificate from Photography by Jacklyn; a savings bond from Regions Bank; a gift from Silver Lady; a stuffed toy from PRMC’s Sunshine Guild volunteers; books and items for baby from the Texas WIC program; a gift certificate from Verda’s Flowers; and a balloon bouquet from Wally’s Card & Party Factory.

“It was definitely a surprise,” Adam said. “They were going to induce her on Thursday. So when she woke me up on New Year’s Eve, I was surprised.”

The couple was very humbled and surprised with the gifts.

“I think it’s really cool. We weren’t going for it, but we appreciate it and are thankful. It was all in God’s hands,” Audrea smiled.

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