The Palestine Herald, Palestine, Texas

June 9, 2014

H.S. Sports: Palestine hires new AD/HC Jay Brown from Denton Ryan

Palestine Herald-Press


After a three-week searching process, the Palestine Independent School District's Board of Trustees approved the hiring of Emanuel “Jay” Brown for the position of Athletic Director and head football coach on Monday.


Brown comes from a solid background in coaching, with his most recent stint as the secondary coach at Denton Ryan High School.


Before Denton, Brown was a part of the defensive coordinating for Henderson High School and was on the 2010 Class 3-A D-I State Champions coaching roster. Brown reiterated the old saying of ‘defense wins championships’ when he said in an interview with the Palestine Herald-Press before his hiring meeting that his plan for being successful at Palestine starts with the defense.


“First of all, I want to continue the success that Coach Angel left behind and build upon that,” Brown said. “I want to create a culture of winning in all of the sports and not just football. As athletic director, I want success for every program. Many people consider football to be the tail that wags the dog, so to speak, so we have to come out and start the season well to show our other sports how we’re going to create a culture here to where all of our players will know it’s expected of them — to win and be champions on the field as well as off the field.


“And for football, we're going to have great talent on the defensive, offensive and special teams sides of the ball,” Brown continued. “People may think we're in the District of Doom when really, we're going to be one of the 'Doomers'.”


Coming to Palestine from Denton could be a big change for some people, but for Brown, he said because he’s from around the area, (Jacksonville, specifically) he knows what a city like Palestine has to offer, and he’s ready for any challenge.


“Palestine is Palestine while Denton is a suburb of a metroplex,” Brown said. “We’re going to utilize everything we have here to its fullest potential. We want to make sure we give a chance to everyone to be a part of this program.”


At his acceptance speech of the athletic director and coaching position, Brown said he’s excited to come into the new year and get started early.


“I’m excited,” Brown said. “We have a lot of work to do, and we’re starting immediately after this meeting is over. I’m excited to see and meet all of the players and students, and I hope I’m able to live up to the representation of Palestine ISD. We want to build a winning culture here. We’re going to try to win at everything we do, on the field and off the field.


“We’re creating champions, and we’re starting today,” he added. “Coach Angel indicated to me how special Palestine was to him, and that is a great responsibility, and I’m hoping to live up to it.”


Palestine superintendent Jason Marshall said after the meeting that he is excited for Coach Brown to come into the Palestine program and make immediate changes to help the program succeed.


“I think first and foremost, Coach Brown wants to work on these kids being a successful person,” Marshall said. “He is one of 10 or 11 children and from Jacksonville, so he’s had a lot of similar experiences that our children have had. Due to the timing of everything, he has to hit the ground running, and we fully expect him to be able to do that.”