Against clear blue skies, on a temperate Monday afternoon, the once-popular “Beijing China Buffet” was razed, leaving the site open for new businesses and opportunities for Palestine.

The building, a familiar site to hungry residents and travelers, had been constructed by the Beijing company in 2006. Over the last 30 years, however, many businesses had called the site, at 2734 South Loop 256, home.

Several mobile and manufactured home retailers held the address over the years, as did a new and used car lot, as well as an extermination business. In 1991, the site was even home to “K.D. Shoe Shine Parlor,” which stayed in business for nearly a year.

Plans to once again fill the void are underway.

Gayle Cooper, president of the Palestine Economic Development Corporation, told the Herald-Press on Monday the site will soon be occupied by a well-known national retailer.

Palestine residents and visitors will now have to find another venue to sate their taste for sweet-and-sour chicken and all-you-can-eat shrimp.

The white brick Beijing Buffet building that once housed such delicacies was reduced to rubble on Monday, leaving only memories behind.

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