In a continued effort to gather information from parents about the possible implementation of a standardized dress code, Palestine Independent School District trustees and administrators are hosting a second informational meeting for parents and students Monday.

The meeting, set to begin at 6:30 p.m. in the Sam Houston (cafeteria) meeting room, will allow parents and students a second chance to offer their thoughts and feedback on the issue of school uniforms.

“I will be presenting some information as to what we have determined so far about a standardized dress policy,” said PISD Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Eiben. “But we are really hoping for a lot of questions and feedback from parents and students.”

More than 100 PISD students, parents, teachers and taxpayers attended the first informational meeting Jan. 5 — offering mixed reactions to a student uniform policy.

Proponents of the issue touted increased academics, unity and safety issues as positive reasons for the implementation of uniforms.

“It (will bring) the students up academically,” former South Texas teacher Jennifer Moore said at the January meeting. “It also (keeps) students from being distracted by what other students (are) wearing.”

Local physician and parent Dean French emphasized the safety issue of having uniforms.

“With some students traveling from campus to campus, it would be easier to tell who is supposed to be there or not,” he said. “It would protect students from strangers or drug dealers and it would make it more difficult for students to skip school.”

Opponents of standardized dress code voiced concerns about cost and hindrances to individuality.

“I feel like uniforms are only a band aid and a financial burden and do not address the real issue,” Palestine High School sophomore Seth Moore said at the January meeting. “It is great to be an individual and with a uniform you cannot do that.”

Trustees and administrators emphasized that they were nowhere near making a final decision on the policy, and that the meetings are merely a tool to gather input from the community.

Implementation of a school uniform policy was first discussed at the board’s July meeting during a presentation by the Palestine Middle School campus action committee.

PISD is seeking volunteers to be part of a committee to study the issue further. Those interested may contact PISD Assistant Superintendent Suzanne Eiben at 903-731-8000.

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