Seven-year-old twins Courtney and Zachary Huffman don’t do everything together. They have their own interests — she likes to watch TV, and he likes to play video games. And like siblings do, the two enjoy having fun and picking on each other.

One interest the two do share is their love of scouting. And since joining their respective troops, both have achieved above and beyond almost everyone’s expectations.

Courtney, a Brownie Scout, has been a member of local Girl Scout Troop 20 for about 18 months. At last count, she has earned 16 patches and was very recently named a Girl Scout Cookie Diva for selling more than 1,000 boxes — 1,042 boxes to be exact — in her troop’s recent cookie campaign.

“The challenge to sell 1,000 boxes of cookies came about when her dad (Daniel Huffman) said he didn’t think selling that many cookies was possible,” the twins mom Jettie Huffman said. “We determined right then to prove him wrong and began making the rounds.”

Courtney reported visiting the local hospital, fire department, police and sheriff’s office multiple times — so she could sell cookies to each shift.

Courtney and her mother also visited the local EMS office, all the local oil field operations and even walked around the neighborhood to sell cookies.

“We would tell people what her dad said about the 1,000 boxes and they all helped us prove him wrong,” Jettie Huffman said. “At a recent meeting we found out that she was the only Girl Scout in the area to sell that many.”

After reaching her goal, Courtney said her dad could not be more proud of her accomplishment.

“He said I did a good job, and he couldn’t believe we did it,” Courtney said. “He was truly amazed,” her mom added.

Courtney also used her good salesmanship skills to benefit troops serving overseas. Through the scouts Gift of Caring Project, 41 boxes of cookies will be sent overseas along with cameras for the soldiers to take pictures of themselves eating the cookies.

“Because she did so well,” Jettie Huffman said, “all the girls in her troop will receive a badge for that project.”

Courtney’s accomplishments helped her troop financially as well. Instead of the normal 55 cents per box profit, Courtney’s troop will be receiving 65 cents per box sold.

“(Girl Scouts) is fun,” Courtney Huffman said. “We get to sell cookies, dance, make new friends and do projects.”

Brother Zachary Huffman is not without his own scout bragging rights. After joining his troop in January, he has already earned the title of Tiger Cub Scout.

At the recent Pineywood Derby Tuesday, his car won two first place awards — one of them for best car design. He will be racing his car at the district derby Feb. 11.

“Scouting is fun,” he said. “We play fun games and learn about the scouts motto — Search, Discover and Share.‚”

Courtney and Zachary attend Westwood Primary School.

Courtney’s favorite subject is spelling and she enjoys watching television, eating chips, reading and making stuff. Zachary’s favorites subject is science. He likes to spend his free time playing video games, drawing, writing and coloring.

“I am very proud of them,” Jettie Huffman said about her children. “I want them to know that the things they are doing in scouts are important.”

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