Tropical system could hit Texas

National Hurricane Center projections show an 80 percent chance of a tropical disturbance forming over the next five days.

While officials are monitoring the situation, residents should be prepared to take action if it becomes necessary, the National Weather Service for Houston/Galveston said in a release.

Weather authorities said the potential storm’s impact is difficult to judge at this point. A broad low pressure area has emerged over Apalachee Bay in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for tropical cyclone formation and development over the next several days, and a tropical depression is likely to form by late Wednesday or Thursday while the system moves westward across the northern Gulf of Mexico, officials say.

The National Hurricane Center forecast shows the system traveling along the Upper Gulf Coast and reaching the Texas-Louisiana state line by the weekend. Regardless of whether it becomes a tropical cyclone, however, coastal residents can expect heavy rainfall from it, the center’s forecast states.

An Air Force Reserve Unit reconnaissance aircraft is scheduled to investigate the low on Wednesday, if necessary. This disturbance has the potential to produce heavy rainfall from the Upper Texas Coast to the Florida Panhandle during the next several days. In addition, this system could produce wind and storm surge impacts later this week or this weekend from Louisiana to the Upper Texas coast, and interests along the Gulf Coast should continue to monitor its progress.

Officials say it is unlikely that Huntsville will receive any storms, but heavy rains and possible flooding could be likely.