Michael Thomason

Michael Thomason

In the eyes of today’s far left, whether in Hollywood or Congress, if you don’t publicly and vocally go along with their approved agenda you are part of the problem. Even if you simply remain silent, you are guilty of the sin of omission, at the very least.

Look up August Landmesser when you can. He was just a regular guy, a German factory worker. There is a famous photograph of him among hundreds of loyal Nazis greeting Hitler on his 1936 visit to the Hamburg shipyards. Everyone in the crowd is giving the Nazi salute; everyone but August Landmesser. I am sure some of his fellow workers told him he was being foolish, to not call attention to himself, to blend in with the crowd, be a good Nazi. It was the only way to fit in, to get a job, to keep a job. But August was not that sort of German. He was a member of the party who did not agree with the party. It made life for him harder than most. It was a difficult time.

Maybe it started with the fanatical Hitler supporters, but before long, employers, friends, neighbors, actors, teachers and even family began to single out those who didn’t agree with their version of political correctness, or refused to join the approved political movement, men like August Landmesser. By the time that photo was taken, the Nazi party had become the only political affiliation allowed in Germany and everyone was expected to embrace the party line.

August’s great sin was that his fiancée Irma Eckler was a Jew. The Nuremberg Laws of 1935 prohibited mixed marriages. Eventually, he was kicked out of the Nazi party because he would not go find a good German girl to marry. August and Irma lived as man and wife anyhow. They had two children, girls. He was promptly arrested for the crime of producing mixed race children. Later he was fined and let off with a stern warning, which he ignored. It’s a long story, but August was eventually imprisoned for trying to escape Nazi Germany with his family. His wife Irma was shipped off and died in the concentration camps. August never saw his wife or daughters again. He was freed from prison and sent to the front lines where he was killed in action during WWII. His and Irma’s two daughters survived the war, orphaned by intolerance and hate. Look up his story. And all this because he refused to give the Nazi salute.

When Hitler began his rise to power, Eighty-three year old national hero Paul von Hindenburg was elected President, partially to block Nazi extremism. He was old, he was weak, but he was all they had. Hindenburg didn’t care for the Nazis or their leader, but the party’s popularity was such that he was forced by political pressure to name Hitler Chancellor in 1933. Nazi henchmen staged a fire that burned the Reichstag (German Parliament) four weeks later. The arson was blamed on anti-German agitators and used as a pretext to suppress opposition. Eventually, there was but the one national party, the Nazis. Hindenburg, elderly and largely a figurehead, died the next year at the age of 84. Shortly thereafter, Hitler declared himself Leader and Chancellor in one person-, der Fuhrer. He then appointed Joseph Goebbels Minister of Propaganda. From then on, all news was controlled by, manipulated by, or manufactured by Goebbels to fit the party line and no dissenting opinions were long tolerated- fake news for the eager masses.

If we think something similar cannot happen today, I would ask that you simply look around you. The comparisons are there. Look to the protests, looting and destruction in our larger cities. Traditional concepts of law and order are being challenged, encouraged, and attacked on every level, from the officer on the street to the very Constitution itself. Who will keep the peace when there are no peacekeepers? Look who is behind all this unrest, who allows it. Look who use others as pawns to their own end. Look who will be waiting to step out of the shadows and ‘save’ America from itself. Look who pulls the strings on those they prop up before us.

Finally, I would ask we remember August Landmesser. He died for his refusal to go along to get along, for having the courage to hold his own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of higher value than any numbskull politically correct ideology, even the silly fluff coming from weak-brained of actors and other so-called enlightened folks.

It all begins somewhere and I see it beginning here in America. It all may seem harmless now, but this is how it begins. Of course, all this is just my opinion, and you and I are free to agree or disagree. Free for now, that is.

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