Horace McQueen

Horace McQueen

It took two planes to carry some dissident liberal Democrats from Austin to Washington, D.C. last week. As elected members of the Texas House of Representatives they decided to prevent a vote on some new Texas election laws. So, like a bunch of spoiled kids, they took their marbles and left the state without a thank you to the voters who elected them. Oh yes, each of the escapees continues to draw a whopping $210 a day whether they are in Austin or elsewhere while the Legislature is in session. So, coupled with their Texas taxpayer-paid other benefits—health insurance, retirement account funding, office expenses, etc. the absentee Democrats are showing their true colors. Maybe this is the time for our Texas voters to push for a new law that would put elected officials on notice to do their job—or be expelled from office. 

Now, what were they moaning and groaning about? They complained that the new laws, if enacted, would make it harder for some Texans to vote. Hogwash! Their real complaint is that absentee ballots would have to include a copy of  some legitimate form of identification to prevent a fraudulent vote. Mercy me—those of us who have voted for years in Texas know full well some form of ID is needed. Also, drive-through voting or mailing absentee ballots to a voter who did not request one would not be permitted. During the last election, the mayor of Houston and his cohorts set up drive-through voting stations so motorists wanting to vote could do so from their automobile. And they had volunteers on hand to “help” the motorists fill out the ballot. No wonder many Americans question the results of our recent elections. 

With all the giveaways promised—and many delivered—by the Biden administration it is easy to figure out that too many healthy citizens have quit honest work to live off the taxpayers funding their laziness. I read this gem recently and thought it great: “Government assistance is a form of slavery. Some people do need it, but then again, there’s some people that all they are doing is living off the system.”

Back on the farm, everything is still wet. Lots of hay got soaked and many of our farmers are holding off getting started until we get a series of rain-free days. On the reverse side, many of the hay meadows have got rank and have lost feeding value. Fertilizer is being applied on some firmer soils along with spraying for weed control. It’s just not a “normal” year so far—but looking back, what is normal? 

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