Michael Thomason

Michael Thomason

What right does any state or federal government have to impoverish me to build up my brother? How much am I required to give before I cannot tend to my own needs or the needs of my immediate family? And is it wrong to expect something in return, if nothing more than a simple thank you? If I give you what I worked for, without end, what happens to me when I cannot pay my own bills? Where is the line crossed that turns us from a land of equal opportunity into a socialist enterprise that only beats everyone down to equality of want? Apparently, our alleged representatives in Washington want us to live on what they decide is enough while they insulate themselves in a bubble of power, wealth and luxury. They think God has graced them alone with knowing what is best for us. And many of them think there is no God but their own intellect.

There are those among us, from our leaders in Washington to our own little village, who with tears streaming down their faces wring their hands at the plight of the less fortunate. Yet they never seem to grasp the concept of freedom of choice and its attendant responsibility. Most of us understand there is true need, want and poverty in every society. We try to help our fellow man. Some folks don’t care about others, some folks care too much. You can spend a lifetime helping and still not measure up to the standards of those whose life is spent helping out others with your money.

Our Constitution guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but it does not guarantee the results. So much of life goes beyond opportunity; concepts such as ambition, desire, native ability, upbringing and chance. High-minded and self-serving ‘elites’ among us are either unable or unwilling to admit that away down deep in a place rarely visited, they don’t care about anyone more than themselves. If they cared as much for the poor as they demand of others, why is there still money in their bank accounts? How can there be liberal millionaires? Why do they have in abundance what their brother does not? Why do they take every tax deduction they can find while condemning others who do the same? They preach against the evils of capitalism but their retirements are in the same investment accounts as the dirty rotten scoundrels they call callous, uncaring conservatives. They are two-faced and wanting of anything resembling true love of anything but self. But let me be more direct.

I consider myself liberal. I believe in lifting up the downtrodden. I believe in paying my fair share. I also vote Republican. I am conservative in my politics and finance, liberal on the personal level. I say it is up to the individual to decide how liberal or conservative each of us will be with what we have earned. To paraphrase the old saying- You can give a man a fish but it is far better to teach him how to fish. That is my fundamental belief. I’ll feed my brother when he’s hungry, and more than once, but he better be learning how to bait a line. Today’s so-called liberal craves power above all other pursuits. They try to convince the less fortunate they are the good guys protecting them from evil. They are willing to spend unlimited dollars curing poverty so long as it’s somebody else’s dollar and they get all the credit. Liberal elites are forever anxious to judge others while excusing themselves. It’s that simple.

I hired a fellow once upon a time. He was smart and friendly and talented. I thought he would be a good fit to our work family. We found out soon enough that he looked for every opportunity to avoid actual work. He saw himself more suited at giving rather than taking direction. He spent more effort avoiding work that doing work. He was like the liberal politician who lives off the contributions of others, others who were meant for labor and sweat while he sat above. Every idea he had was designed for his advantage. I had to let him go. He probably to this day thinks I was cruel to him and his family. He blames everyone but himself for his misfortune. He probably supports, rallies and votes for every liberal agenda across the board. But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong. Maybe he is simply smart enough to be lazy and avoid anything that looks like work or self-improvement. And maybe he thinks he’s clever enough to shift all the blame everywhere else but himself. But never mind, there’s work to be done and I need to get off this soapbox. Near as I can tell.

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