Dan Bochsler

Recently published commentary by Dr. Robert McFarlane (“Let them eat COVID,” May 16) was nothing more than a political rant, an obviously partisan political ad disguising itself with a seemingly respectable source.

Using his own words, McFarlane is clearly incapable of mastering details of facts outside his area of experience. He knows nothing of reality in China or around the world. He has no experience in addressing and managing widely dispersed organizational elements, and problems and challenges like those for which he trashes the President – and, by implication, others in the public or private sector.

Balanced and truthful facts and discussion improve and benefit everyone. Unbalanced, and knowingly false information, attacks everyone. 

What he calls minimizing danger was actually calculated to avoid mass panic in a free society that is not governed by a dictator.

McFarlane needs a detailed civics refresher about our constitutional system. He misunderstands the diversity of states’ rights and competencies. He ignores the behind-the-scenes federal support of private-sector solutions, which are the most capable and responsive.

Having seen the true China (as well as countries all over the world), I know the Chinese government surpasses the World War II Nazi’s in its repression, and disregard for human life and freedom of thought. Many parts of rural China truly live in the dark ages; millions are in prison camps. The Hong Kong takeover is the latest example.

In my experience, individuals and families around the world generally have the same wants and are wonderful people. Our country and culture are built on faith, flag, and family. They enable our unique freedoms in the world. Let’s not lose that to indifference, or ignoring the importance of real facts, genuine intentions, and other people’s well-being.

The future depends on it.

Dan Bochsler, of Palestine, has 40 years of global business and engineering experience.

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