Paul Myrick
  • Paul Myrick

That old saying…”opposites attract” sure doesn’t seem to fit in our current society does it?

America seems to be more judgmental and fractured than any time I can remember. We also seem to all want to place blame on one group or even one person for this divisive atmosphere we live in.

The thought I would like to submit to you is that we should take a good hard look at the reasons why we disagree and why we see the same world so differently. Is it because we each make a conscious decision to be different than other people or is it simply because we each are shaped by our unique environment? How much of our personality is a result of our long term surroundings?

I like to think that someone that grew up on a farm in Nebraska and someone that grew up in the heart of New York City have more in common at their core than either of them realize.

Now consider the political tendencies of different areas of our country. Why is it that (generally speaking) rural areas lean more conservative and large cities lean more liberal?

I tend to think it is due to the very differing experiences people have in those environments when it comes to basic human survival.

People in the city are accustomed to getting their food at a market and sometimes even delivered to their door. It is also common for people in large cities to have never owned a vehicle, never had a lawn to maintain, and always had a building superintendent to call when anything breaks in their apartment.

These may seem like small differences, but think of the way this type of living can shape a view of the world.

Contrasted with rural areas where many people mow their own yard, maintain their own vehicles, and fix all types of things around the house themselves when needed it really can lead to a different type of people all together.

The key is to realize that neither way is better than the other and each has its positives and negatives.

I wish those people who say they “hate” this group or that group would stop to consider this.

Maybe if their situations were reversed they would be the same as the people they say they hate.

I don’t think any of us got to choose where we were born or who are parents were. And like it or not, our upbringing has a life-long effect on who we are and how we see the world.

When has hatred solved anything? If we really want to live in a better society I can promise you, Love and Respect are the ONLY things that will get us there. Hating someone that disagrees with you will only lead down a path of destruction for you both. A peace loving society has many enemies but the hardest one to see is amongst them.

There will always be people who thrive on division both financially and through a sense of power or belonging. Take a good hard look at the “leaders” of any group and see if you can figure out what their motives are. Are they wanting to improve things for others or for themselves? Career politicians, civic leaders, religious leaders, and even educational leaders often get addicted to personal power and wealth.

Be wary of anyone who makes a living by keeping one group of people angry at another. We live in an imperfect world but we are all humans, we are all capable of love and hatred, and we all have the ability to choose which one we focus on. Choose love and see where that takes you.

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