Amy French

Chick-fil-A’s sweet and spicy sriracha sauce has altered my life.

This is not a shameless plug for a fast food chain.

I have always admired their efficient, clean restaurants where everything is a pleasure, but I have been of the take-it-or-leave-it mindset on the food until my husband stumbled on the sweet and spicy sriracha sauce.

I am partial to sweet things.

Though I am not sure which part of my genetic code is responsible, I can safely say my taste receptors, following a fast Google search, type 1, function quite well.

We are now assembling a stockpile of the sauce and eating it on homemade fries and nuggets, chips, sandwiches and we shall see what else.

It is sweet with quite a bit of kick and it transforms things of the blah variety.

As a picky eater, this flavor has actually helped shift my narrow worldview.

The new perspective is suddenly making other things more appealing.

There are people in my life like this—the ones who make everything else more appealing.

Enduring stilted conversations in awkward circumstances are always made palatable by my handsome husband.

Not because he is handsome, though this certainly does not hurt circumstances, but because he is insightful, sharp, hilarious.

Our nearly 28 years of marriage have given us particular insights. With a nod or wink or subtle eyebrow raise, I know right where he’s going.

I can laugh out loud from across the room because I see what he sees and I know what’s moving across the scrolling marquee in his head.

He is sweet with quite a bit of kick.

When my baby brother, 12 years my junior, came to visit my husband and I while still in college I wrote about the new perspective of the campus because of his 10-year-old view of life.

Every single thing he did was exciting to him—walking across campus to class, visiting the field house, camping out on our living room floor. Suddenly my go to class and work life was much more inviting.

It was sweet.

Over the years my own children provide this type of insight.

My 10-year-old approaches nearly every circumstance with enthusiasm which is rarely daunted.

Attending football games in the fall, the rest of us were bummed by the prospect of wearing a mask in the stadium. Glumly we reached in the cabinet for our claustrophobic cloth cover ups.

He bounded in with his Halloween, full face gas mask. He looked a little creepy, but was thrilled and we concurred it probably conferred far better protection than any standard cloth mask we were offering.

He turned some heads. It was fun to see his enjoyment and to see the affect on people around. We could see strangers’ smile with their eyes.

He definitely added kick.

What is amazing is how the slight shift of perspective radically altered the lived reality.

Changes in perspective awaken more than sriracha sauce does with our taste buds.

Yes, my food tastes more to my liking, but a fresh perspective takes an ordinary moment and encourages, inspires, transforms.

My oldest son is coming to visit us this week. He has lived on his own for several years, but this will be his first visit to our new home.

When I walk around our house to prepare, I consider each room and my view is distinctly different thinking this will be his first time here.

Will he like this guest room we have made up for his stay I ponder. I know his taste and imagine his perspective as he takes in our home and our life here.

Suddenly the things which seem normal and ordinary are more exciting because he will be here to share them with us. Life is better like this—shared and enjoyed with a new perspective.

When Pennylynn comes back to the office and relays her view of a recent meeting or shares a new story, I giggle frequently. Smart and hilarious, she offers a unique perspective which makes ordinary work, dare I say tasty.

Over the years I am grateful for all those who have opened my eyes in new ways, from coworkers to neighbors to the local clerk at my favorite grocery chain.

While I continue to horde my sriracha sauce, I will be sure to treasure meeting new people and relationships that give glimpses of a fuller life.

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