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City councilmember Dustin Frazier listens during Thursday's meeting to appoint a District 5 replacement for the seat vacated by Dana Goolsby.

After a 20-hour recess the Palestine City Council appointed Chrissy Clark to serve as representative to Council District 5.

Clark was one of four candidates, including Jason Chapman, Virginia McNeil and Valencia Carey, considered for the position.

“These decision are not taken light heartedly,” said Councilmember Justin Florence. “I appreciate the people, and their input, that reached out to not just myself, but to the other councilmembers over the past day or so. I really hope our citizens will be pleased.”

The vacant seat was previously held by newly elected mayor, Dana Goolsby.

To apply, each individual had to be a resident citizen of the city of Palestine, at least 21 years of age, and have been a resident of the city of Palestine and in the applicable district for a period of 12 months.

During the initial meeting on Wednesday, the council posed the same seven questions to each of the candidates. The questions focused on themes about the community, growth, city government and what made them a good candidate.

Each of the candidates gave passionate answers about a love of the city, its good qualities, ideas for growth and why they wished to serve.

Upon the conclusion of the interview period, councilmembers present were asked for a motion to fill the vacancy.

A repetition of nominations from councilmembers on each of the candidates were made. Some motions died for lack of second nomination. Some motions made it to a vote, but failed due to the “nays.” To fill the vacancy, the charter required four votes for any one candidate following the motion and second.

After the members could not find a compromise for the appointment in the special called meeting, a recess was called until 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Due to on-going technical difficulties, the recessed meeting from July 7 did not return to open session until 1:42 p.m.

Councilmembers Larissa Loveless, Dustin Frazier, Ava Harmon, Vickie Chivers and Florence were present at City Hall, and Mayor Dana Goolsby attended by Zoom.

At that time Goolsby called for a motion for appointment.

Larissa Loveless made a motion to appointment Valencia Cary. Ava Harmon seconded the motion. The vote was three to three, with Loveless, Harmon and Goolsby in favor and Chivers, Frazier and Justin Florence against.

Florence then made a motion to appointment Chrissy Clark. Loveless seconded. The vote was four to two with Frazier and Chivers against. The motion passed and Clark will serve the remaining term of Goolsby for District 5. The term will expire next year.

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