Few people have the impact on a town that Pastor Roy Duncan and his wife, Yvonne, have had – including pastoring a church, leading a school, and building new homes.

In his service to the community, Rev. Duncan embodies the “Flower Man,” a picture book character who comes to town at night, fixes up a house, and changes the entire town by turning everyone and everything to color.

Duncan was honored Sunday by Mayor Steve Presley for his leadership at Antioch Church for 31 years. He presented Duncan with two copies of “Flower Man” and a framed print by Mark Ludy, the book's author and illustrator.

During a congregational celebration, Presley said that, instead of presenting a proclamation, he and former Palestine mayor Jackson Hanks wanted to do something different to honor Duncan.

“Through his determination, vision, and kindness, he has made us all better,” Presley said.

Presley announced the second book was available to be signed by church members.

The choice of honoring Duncan reflects the mayor's efforts to promote literacy in Palestine.

A simple picture book, “The Flower Man,” published by Scribble & Sons in 2005, conveys a vivid message of how one person can make a big difference.

The church's ministries include the Berean Christian Academy, a day care and school for children 0-12; East Palestine Community Development, Inc., which has refurbished and built homes for lease and sale since 2003; an active prison ministry with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; and international missions in Uganda and Guinea.

Duncan became pastor of the Antioch Church in 1988. His leadership has become an important part of the church's 160-year legacy of service.