Late for the Sky Production Company’s Palestine themed version of Monopoly features 20 well-known landmarks within the city.

Local residents can now make fast and fanciful deals on hometown properties with their very own Monopoly game.

A Palestine-themed version of the classic board game hit the shelves Friday. Retailing at just under $20, it is available only at Palestine's Walmart store.

The game was produced by a Cincinnati-based production company named Late for the Sky. Released in May, it showcases favorite landmarks and well-known spots in this city.

They include the Carnegie Library, the Texas Theater, Little Mexico, Pint & Barrel Drafthouse, the Curious Museum, Reagan Park, Howard House, Davey Dogwood Park, and the Texas State Railroad.

“It takes about a month for us to research and decide on the places of interest we will feature,” said Michael Schulte, marketing manger for the company. “We typically start with city and chamber websites. We also use Google Maps in developing popular places and the history of the community.”

Nostalgia makes the game so popular, Schulte said.

“We have taken a game that almost everyone knows and loves and made it more special by finding communities with lots of civic pride and making a game that's themed around places that are special to them,” Schulte said.

The company initially distributed 360 games, but Schulte said it will ship more for the holidays.

“You can check our social media pages to see when we will be dropping another shipment,” he said.

The game also will eventually sell on the company's website.

“We also like to shout it from the rooftops that this product is 100 percent made in the U.S.A.,” Schulte said.

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