Rememberance Service

Pastor Jordan Byrd, pictured top left, was a guest speaker for this year's event. Pictured bottom left, a crowd of friends and loved ones gathered at the Chapel of the Air Monday evening for the fifth annual Remembrance Ceremony. Each year, pictured right, biodegradable balloons, with no streamers, are released for the number of loved ones lost and cared for by Herrington Land of Memory Funeral Home.

More than 50 mourners gathered Monday night at the outdoor Chapel of the Air in the Land of Memory Cemetery to remember, honor, and celebrate the lives of family and loved ones who died in 2019 and before.

The fifth annual Remembrance Ceremony, organized by Herrington Land of Memory Funeral Home, gave them a sense of peace during the holidays, as they move into a new year without a loved one.

Pastor Jordan Byrd of First Christian Church, guest speaker for this year's event, said the service provided emotional release and offered hope to those who have been in mourning. He was joined by Darrell Conner, a Chaplain with Heart to Heart Hospice.

“I think it’s important for people to get a sense of closure, beyond the initial sense of closure they get from the funeral service,” Byrd said. “It's important for them to be with others going through the same feelings and emotions after losing a loved one.

“To know there is life after death – that we are going to be okay, and that we are doing this together is cathartic.”

Each person attending was given a candle to light at the end of the service; they watched more than 200 balloons released in honor of those Herrington Funeral Home served during the year.

To protect the environment, the funeral home uses biodegradable balloons with no streamers.

“We had a good turnout this year,” said funeral home owner Kurt Herrington. “Everyone in attendance appreciates us taking the time to honor and remember their loved ones each year.”

This annual event is open to the public.

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