Frankston Elementary vending machine

Frankston Elementary School unveiled its new vending machine last week. It is filled with books for students to choose from when they earn a special token.

Frankston Elementary School has a new fully-stocked vending machine on campus.

It is loaded up on books and students throughout the school will have opportunities to visit the machine when they earn a special token.

The tokens are used to “purchase” a book.

The machine was installed on Oct. 8 and was ready for first purchases to made on Oct. 12.

Students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade will be able to earn the tokens based on good behavior, academic performance or outstanding attendance.

The first students to earn the special gold tokens and pick out books were Autry Lefevre, Layla Davis, James Gallaway, Emma Church and Archer Derr.

Books purchased through the vending machine are theirs to keep and the school district is asking for book donations to help keep the machine fully stocked, according to Ashley Shults of Frankston Independent School District.

The program is designed to encourage students and a love of reading.

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